I can provide training for complete novices, beginners and those who want to extend their knowledge further.

No matter what you experience is I can tailor a training course for your needs, but as an example:

Novice (1/2 day – approx 4 hours):

  • Finding your way around your camera and how it works
  • Shooting modes, what they mean and how to choose them appropriately
  • Composing your shots

Beginner (1/2 day –  approx 4 hours):

  • Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO Settings: the keystones of photography.
  • White balance and how it affects images.
  • Shooting handheld: an important rule of thumb
  • Getting out of the “auto mode” and taking control.
  • Controlling Exposure: using the histogram
  • Exposure Compensation

Intermediate (1/2 day – approx 4 hours):

  • Using different focus modes
  • Using different metering modes
  • Controlling depth of field
  • RAW vs JPEG- when to use it
  • Manual shooting

Other types of tuition:

  • High Dynamic Range: capturing images where there is a strong contrast in the subject that exceed the camera’s dynamic range.
  • Using Lightroom: getting your images  into Lightroom, organising and editing.
  • Photoshop: using layers, creating panoramic images.

See my prices for more details.