Adobe Leaves Lightroom 6 Standing Still with Lightroom CC

Well it had to happen at some point, but I doubt many would have guessed it would have happened so soon after the release of the latest version of Lightroom.

Looking at this new feature soon to be added to LR CC, it appears that LR CC and and LR6 are going their separate ways, very much in the same way that Photoshop and Photoshop CC did a few years ago. LR CC will be getting new bells and whistles whilst LR6 is left standing still (note: both will be getting the same bug fixes and camera updates).

It is very likely that this can mean only one thing: no more perpetual licensing and no chance of LR7 emerging. I hasten to add that this is purely speculation on my part, BUT I personally can’t see LR7 ever coming into existence. The perpetual version of PS died out less than a year from PS CC being introduced, mainly because of the difficulty of maintaining two versions of PS.  I wouldn’t be surprised if LR went the same way.

However, it has to be said that LR is a little bit different to PS: currently LR6 and LR CC are the same software, but it recognises if the user is a CC member or a perpetual licence user. So in theory a method could be employed to deactivate new LR CC features to prevent LR6 users getting to them.

If this is the case and the Adobe engineers don’t do a very thorough job (which is quite possible, see my reviews further down the page because it appears that they can’t spot the obvious) then LR6 users can very easily gain access to these features, so all might not be lost afterall.

What is going to be interesting is what sort of features will be introduced and, more importantly, how frequently, and will they be worth it? If PS CC is anything to go by, then probably not on both of the latter.

Two things are certain however: introduction of a new feature so close to LR’s release date is a little galling for LR6 users and is likely to stir stir things up.

Secondly,  it seems Adobe is intent on forcing people to the subscription model.

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