Solar Eclipse

It’s not very often you get to witness a solar eclipse: they are a pretty rare phenomenon. This is the second in my lifetime: the first being in 1999 when it was a total eclipse, this only being a partial eclipse. I seem to remember there being far more hype and excitement in ’99 but maybe that’s just me and my memory.

Unfortunately this time I was stuck at work when it happened. Oh for the want of an extra day when I could have been at home and had more time to get ready for it. As a result everything was rather hastily set up at work and I only managed to grab a few frames from the office window. Nonetheless, it was still quite an experience watching the sun’s light slowly fade out as it moved across the moon. It never went as dark as it did in ’99, but nonetheless it was still rather eery and atmospheric.

Had there been some cloud I’d liked to have done something a little more atmospheric and interesting, but all I got was the above. In ’99 I got nothing: I didn’t own a camera then so it’s an improvement at least.

I think I’ll add photographing a total eclipse to the bucket list now, and make sure I’m set up ready and waiting for it…. I just hope the weather plays ball.

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