Andrew Freeman Photography gets it’s first customer! Hooray for Google!

So it’s now official. I’ve had my first customer! Not quite what I was expecting to come from my website really, but then I guess if you put something out there then someone is going to find it, particularly with the power of Google et al trawling the web, finding the odd link or two here and there.

So what was the link that Google found that generated me my first order? Well, when setting up my website and deciding on services, I felt something was missing from the menu. I had all the standard photography services up there, but it just needed something to help fill it and balance it out. Scratching my head for inspiration I gave up and decided to call it a day and began to close my computer down when I spotted on the desktop the icon for some image recovery software I had for recovering lost images from, well, virtually anything you can delete them from. Could I? Should I? Worth a punt I thought. I’d done it in the past for family and friends. And er… myself… The punt paid off. Turns out if you Google Photo Recovery Service, I come out as the first in the UK after those in the USA. Who’da thought it? So now I have one very happy customer, who is reunited with 300+ images. Hooray for Google!

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